Ask More Questions

June 28, 2017

The old adage about how "there are no stupid questions," is wrong.

Of course there are stupid questions.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask them.

When starting a new project, or a new job, we can sometimes be timid about our curiousity. But curiosity is an essential element to life. If we don't ask questions, how do we learn?

Whether I'm helping a friend or starting something new, the answer to any unsolved problem has always been to ask more questions.

For example, a project I worked on was having trouble with the store locator on their webiste. Well, as soon as I heard that I started thinking about possible technical solutions. But before I got too far into that, I dug a little deeper.

It seemed like a stupid question, but I asked, "So, is this a business problem or a technical problem?" As it turned out, it was a business problem, and the solution wasn't something I could handle with code.

With a little open curiousity, I saved what could have been a lot of wasted effort on my part.

So go ahead, ask those stupid questions. It's worth it.